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Customized Dining Experiences.

Welcome to Lauriti’s Private Dining, where culinary artistry meets personalized service. I’m Chef Mike, the heart and soul behind this culinary venture.

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At Lauriti’s Private Dining, we’re dedicated to crafting exceptional culinary experiences tailored to your unique needs and desires.
Our range of services is designed to bring gourmet dining to your doorstep and make your special occasions truly memorable:

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Customized Catering

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Dining Experience

Personal Menus

Diverse Range of Menus to Suit Various
Events and Preferences
At Lauriti’s Private Dining, we specialize in crafting menus tailored to your tastes and event vision. We take pride in creating dishes that reflect your unique preferences and the essence of your occasion. Let’s make your event exceptional with a personalized menu that’s all about you.

Recent Events

From elegant weddings to intimate gatherings and lively festivals, Lauriti’s Private Dining has been crafting unforgettable culinary experiences. Tailored menus, creative flair, and a passion for food are at the heart of our recent events. Discover how we can bring exceptional flavors to your next occasion.

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